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Why Record a Jingle?

Music is a powerful tool and will create a memorable image of your business using a musical brand that will help you stand out from the clutter. A good melody and lyrics can bring back memories, put people into a certain mood and help them remember any information you’d like! A familiar tune, and music aimed at the right demographic can have a very large impact for you and your business. Remember J-E-L-L-O? Did you sing along while you read it? What about “Zoodles are animal noodles”?

Why The Grove Productions?

Using our resources of talented musicians and writers, we will work closely with you to meet your budget and have maximum impact on your target audience to help build your market. We have over twenty years of experience professionally writing and producing music and connecting with audiences across North America! We can be as diverse in presentation as you need, have fun and be creative!


What to Expect

We will work closely with you to provide the ideal musical and lyrical image to fit your target brand and demographic with a variety of “cuts” to fit your needs. A “Rough Sketch” of the song will be sent to make sure the lyrics, melody and “feel” are approved before moving on to final full production. We will discuss the musical production and instrumentation to be used in the final version of the song. Each musical version can then be formatted to a desired length to accommodate voiceover position and length within the jingle.


What You’ll Get

You will receive a “Digital Package” with 5-10 different cuts (including "Tops and Tails" which leaves gaps with just music for voiceovers) of an original music composition in a genre of your choice performed by professional musicians with lyrics and a tasteful, catchy vocal melody (male and/or female).


Demo Deposit is required and will be subtracted from final cost of each jingle. We’re available upon request to discuss lyrical or script content so that we can make sure your audience is hearing, remembering and singing along to the most important information!


Contact info:

Michael McKyes



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